Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sharpening Your Cooking Knives

Are your good cooking knifes getting dull?

Make sure you "hone" your knives with a "steel" regularly....   Here's a good link on how to "hone" your knife and keep the edge sharp.

and sharpen your knives once in a while with a knife sharpener.  Honing ensures the micro-edge of the knife is sharp/not folded on itself (unfolded).  Periodic sharpening removes a weak edge and shapes a new, stronger, edge.

Some people prefer to use an electric sharpener like this highly-rated Chef's Choice sharpener.  However, we don't like the amount of metal that these machines remove from our good knives.

Note that knives that never need sharpening (often serrated knives) -- do, in fact, need to be sharpened.

Here is some good information on knives: