Friday, September 30, 2011

10 Things we know about Cancer (that we didn't 10 yrs ago)

Here is an interesting article about cancer:

"...humans may have lived with cancer for millennia but, until recently, we knew next to nothing about it. Now, it seems the every day brings promising new research on cancer’s causes, its weaknesses and ways to thwart it.

Some developments, such as vaccines for cervical cancer, are now established; others, such as experimental therapies using viruses, are still very much experimental. We also know now that restraint in diagnosing and treating cancer is better than aggressive therapies that carry harmful side effects.

We compiled a list of cancer breakthroughs and new directions that have happened in recent years (though some of them obviously have roots in earlier decades)."

Please click here to see the list:

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fall Allergy Season...

The fall allergy season has been pretty bad for allergy sufferers -- and even some who normally are not bothered by allergies:

allergists said a hot, dry summer and a strong hurricane season could bring out bad allergy symptoms this Fall.

Experts say people who have never suffered before, could be affected this year

"It is the time of year from August to November when these people tend to come in with exacerbations of their symptoms," said Lombardi.

If this is your first allergy season suffering, you might want to try an over the counter medication like Allegraor Zyrtec. If your symptoms persist for more than two weeks it's time to see a doctor.

A physician can prescribe something stronger and if your itchy eyes, sore throat and head aches don't ease up, allergy shots are an option.

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Terra Nova premieres Monday, 9/26/11

Terra Nova looks like a good new show.  It starts Monday, September 26, 2011 on Fox (8pm ET/7pm CT):

Terra Nova is an American science fiction drama television series that is scheduled to air on Fox on Monday nights. It is scheduled to begin on September 26, 2011, starting with a two-hour premiere.[3]

Here is a VERY short excerpt -- to avoid too much of a spoiler:
The show begins in the year 2149, a time when all life on planet Earth is threatened with extinction (suggested in trailers to be due to dwindling worldwide air quality and overpopulation). In an effort to save the human race....

If you want to read more:

Vibration Alarm Watch

We got this vibration alarm watch for our child -- to avoid disrupting the class when she needs to attend a special class.

Some other choices include (a Timex and another Casio):

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fall TV Season Premier Dates - 2011

Get your DVRs ready -- the new fall TV Season is about to start.  Below is the regular schedule -- along with premier dates for this season's shows.  (Thanks to for putting together this chart.)

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    CBSHow I Met Your Mother (9/19)2 Broke Girls (9/19)Two and a Half Men (9/19)Mike & Molly (9/26)Hawaii Five-O (9/19)
    NBCThe Sing-Off (9/19)The Playboy Club (9/19)
    FOXTerra Nova (9/26)House (10/3)
    ABCDancing with the Stars (9/19)Castle (9/19)
    CWGossip Girl (9/26)Hart of Dixie (9/26)
    CBSNCIS (9/20)NCIS: Los Angeles (9/20)Unforgettable (9/20)
    NBCThe Biggest Loser (9/20)Parenthood (9/13)
    FOXGlee (9/20)New Girl (9/20)Raising Hope (9/20)
    ABCLast Man Standing (10/11)Man Up! (10/18)Dancing with the Stars (9/20)Body of Proof (9/20)
    CW90210 (9/13)Ringer (9/13)
    CBSSurvivor: South Pacific (9/14)Criminal Minds (9/21)CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (9/21)
    NBCUp All Night (9/14)Free Agents (9/14)Harry’s Law (9/21)Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (9/21)
    FOXThe X-Factor (9/21)I Hate My Teenage Daughter (11/23)
    ABCThe Middle (9/21)Suburgatory (9/28)Modern Family (9/21)Happy Endings (9/28)Revenge (9/21)
    CWH8R (9/14)America’s Next Top Model (9/14)
    CBSThe Big Bang Theory (9/22)How to Be a Gentleman (9/29)Person of Interest (9/22)The Mentalist (9/22)
    NBCCommunity (9/22)Parks and Recreation (9/22)The Office (9/22)Whitney (9/22)Prime Suspect (9/22)
    FOXThe X-Factor results show (11/3)
    Bones (11/3)
    ABCCharlies Angels (9/22)Grey’s Anatomy (9/22)Private Practice (9/29)
    CWThe Vampire Diaries (9/15)The Secret Circle (9/15)
    CBSA Gifted Man (9/23)CSI: NY (9/23)Blue Bloods (9/23)
    NBCChuck (10/21)Grimm (10/21)Dateline (9/23)
    FOXKitchen Nightmares (9/23)Fringe (9/23)
    ABCExtreme Makeover: Home Edition (9/25)Shark Tank (TBA)20/20 (9/16)
    CWNikita (9/23)Supernatural (9/23)
    CBSRules of Engagement (9/24)Comedytime SaturdayCrimetime Saturday48 Hours Mystery (9/24)
    NBCEncore Programming
    FOXCops (9/10)Encore Programming
    ABCSaturday Night Football (9/3)
    CBS60 Minutes (9/25)/ The Amazing Race (9/25)The Good Wife (9/25)CSI: Miami (9/25)
    NBCFootball Night in America (9/11)
    NBC Sunday Night Football (9/11)
    FOXThe Simpsons (9/25)Allen Gregory (10/30)Family Guy (9/25)American Dad (9/25)
    ABCAmerica’s Funniest Home Videos (10/2)/ Once Upon a Time (10/23)Desperate Housewives (9/25)