Monday, December 12, 2011

Help for Tennis Elbow

With the weather turning colder, some people have been saying that their tennis elbow is acting up.  Some players look into tennis rackets (weight and vibration damping) as well as string tension (lower tension, perhaps by 2-3 pounds, and as much as 5 lbs).  Here's some information:

Technique First, Gear Second  If the way you’re hitting the ball is the cause of your arm problem, no amount of equipment changes will save you.   

Make the Sweet Spot Bigger  Bigger sweet spot = hitting more balls in the sweet spot = less vibration. Try using a lower string tension. A 2 – 3 pound reduction in tension noticeably enlarges the sweet spot. If you’re looking at making a racquet switch, remember that racquets with a larger head size will have a larger sweet spot too. Consider moving up a size. 

In addition, there are several products that people say have been helpful.  One product is very useful for strengthening the arm and forearm:

Some people like this type of product because it gives relief from tennis elbow pain:

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