Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Job Search Cover Letter

Here's a good article on top 10 things NOT to do:

1. Next to Nothing 
While writing something that's too long is a common cover letter mistake, what can be even more damaging is a cover letter that's too short.

7. Arrogance
It's one thing to promote yourself favorably in a cover letter, but watch that it doesn't degenerate into overt bragging.

This is especially true when it comes to ambiguous skills, says Jennifer Fremont-Smith, CEO of Smarterer, a Boston-based tech startup aimed at helping IT applicants improve their resumes.

"People claim to have things like, 'superior Internet skills.' What does that even mean?" says Fremont-Smith. "I saw an application from a Web developer about a month ago where he described himself as a 'rockstar in design tools,' and an 'expert in developer tools.' 

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Friday, March 1, 2013

Pernambuco and Carbon Fiber Bows

Carbon fiber bows have been making good headway in the design and manufacture of carbon fiber bows for musical instruments.  Here's a good article:

For over 250 years, pernambuco wood – harvested from the Pau-brasil tree in Brazil – has been the only material found suitable for constructing bows for string instruments. The springiness, strength, and workability of pernambuco wood is unmatched by any other species of tree. 

Carbon fiber is a synthetic material that is both lightweight and super-strong. It consists offibers, thinner than human hair, which can be woven and molded into a permanent shape. Significant advances have been made in the science of carbon fiber over the past several decades. More and more bows (and instruments!) are being made from this material that meet or exceed some of their wooden counterparts. 

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