Thursday, February 6, 2014

Honey, I Shrunk the Snow: No, It Won't Snow 30 Inches this Weekend

There have been rumors over the past two weeks that it could snow 30 inches this coming weekend in the U.S. Northeast (weekend of February 9-11, 2014). Here is what we predict:

On Saturday: there's a chance for snow showers to small accumulations.

On Sunday: it will probably snow and there could be a dusting to a few inches.  

There IS an outside chance that this develops into a bigger storm (6+ inches) -- but most likely not.  

It seems like there was a news report of a potential monster storm a YEAR AGO -- that a news outlet mentioned.  The news outlet showed the weather graphic with the scary-looking 30 inch forecast for areas around New York City, the Northeast, and as far south as Washington DC.  

People saw the graphic without reading the article (which mentioned this was news from last year based on just a possibility...)...  THIS, combined with the timing of this weekend's storm system made people think it was true!  BUT it appears like it is just a news story about last year -- that went viral...  

BUT -- you never know with Mother Nature!!  Be safe...