Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Home Remedy: Cold Sores

It is autumn and "back-to-school" time for students.  This means more germs, colds -- and sometimes cold sores.  In fact, many people feel that cold sores are a function of sickness and a lowered immune system.  Some people swear by over-the-counter medication (see below) -- and others feel that the home remedies below work better:

  • Salt water: swish salt water around the area of the cold sore (or use a cotton swab/Q-Tip if the cold sore is on your lip).
  • Hydrogen peroxide: For the sensitive skin/membranes use a cotton swab or Q-Tip.  Dab the cold sore with a cotton swab or Q-Tip soaked with hydrogen peroxide.  For the sensitive skin/membranes of the mouth, some people water down the hydrogen peroxide with an equal part of water. Rinse immediately afterwards (because the hydrogen peroxide is harsh for the mouth).
  • Remember to keep the cold sore as dry as possible.  

Avoid citrus, which can irritate the cold sore.  If particularly painful, you can use Anbesol.  And, remember to get rest and drink lots of fluids to help your immune system recover.