Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fall Allergy Season...

The fall allergy season has been pretty bad for allergy sufferers -- and even some who normally are not bothered by allergies:

allergists said a hot, dry summer and a strong hurricane season could bring out bad allergy symptoms this Fall.

Experts say people who have never suffered before, could be affected this year

"It is the time of year from August to November when these people tend to come in with exacerbations of their symptoms," said Lombardi.

If this is your first allergy season suffering, you might want to try an over the counter medication like Allegraor Zyrtec. If your symptoms persist for more than two weeks it's time to see a doctor.

A physician can prescribe something stronger and if your itchy eyes, sore throat and head aches don't ease up, allergy shots are an option.

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