Friday, March 25, 2011

Lawn Care: Early Spring

Spring has arrived so it's time to lay down some fertilizer and lime (depending on your soil / region).


Fertilizer Tips

  • The fertilizer serves double duty: it fertilizes the grass and kills the weeds.  
  • It's best to lay the fertilizer down when the grass is still damp: either during the early morning (so the morning dew catches the fertilizer) -- or after it rains. 
  • The wetness helps the weed killer stick to the leaves -- killing the weeds.
  • You do NOT want to lay the fertilizer down before an expected rainstorm or else much of the fertilizer will get washed away.  
  • Do not lay the first feeding of the season down until it is consistently in the 60's.  You want the fertilizer to help grass when it is growing.  
Other Lawn Care Tips