Monday, December 10, 2012

Keyboards & Pianos

Here's some information if you are looking into pianos or keyboards.  Nowadays, the "key action" of higher-end keyboards is weighted and very similar to "real" pianos.  We like the "clean look" of the Yamaha P-series.  Casio also has highly-rated keyboards (or digital pianos).  Here are full-sized (88-keys) keyboards:

Smaller keyboards are less expensive -- and may interest some people.  However, the key action won't be the same, and there are fewer keys than an actual piano:

Of course, many prefer an actual "real" piano -- if they can afford one (or have the space for one).  Note, however, that the prices vary, as follows:
  • Good quality keyboards - $499+
  • Upright Pianos - $2,500+ 
  • Baby Grand Pianos - $8,000 - $15,000+

If you get a keyboard, you will also need a stand like this:

Here's a good bundle of one of the best Yamaha keyboards -- that has a lot of things (stand, bench) you'd need: